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Our Vision

Our Vision

“What I love about community is the support and trust we share with each other”  ~ Alice (Member since 2000, arrived at age 5 months)

Vision Statement

Wise Acres Cooperative Association is a land-based intentional community. We are individuals and families inspired by the riches gained by committing ourselves to actively participate in community. While we recognize and respect the ebb and flow of individual needs and energies, to ensure the success of community we are committed to the following:

  • Practice conservation and land stewardship
  • Share resources and time
  • Honor individual differences
  • Build trust through love and forgiveness
  • Listen to each other with openness and humility
  • Work through hardships we encounter as individuals and as a community
  • Raise our children in a collaborative environment
  • Seek ways to bring innovation and creativity to our structure
  • Participate actively in the larger community of our town, nation and world