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The Place

The Place

 “What I love about this place is a garden to sink my toes into, along with fingers and soul, and feeling connected to a bundle of really cool cats and the practice of remembering how we are all in this together.”  ~Mindee (Member since 2000)


The Garden

Our garden is a community endeavor. It is 1 acre in size and easily produces copious amounts of food for the families in the community. There is a team of gardeners who organize and work in the garden as their community chore. All other community members are invited and welcome to work in the garden as much as they want.  Everyone is welcome to harvest. We also have some members of our larger community who participate.  The garden is part of the beating heart that binds us and provides a place for connection, shared work, and celebration.


The Common House

We built our common house in 2006.  Other than the excavation, foundation, and sheet rock, it was built by the hands of community members with significant amounts of materials salvaged from other buildings in the County. 

Upstairs we have our community kitchen and the large gathering hall for meals, celebrations, and classes.  Downstairs we have a pool table, ping-pong table, and community pantry affectionately referred to as the “Zombie Pantry”.  Our pantry supplies us with things like beans, rice, nutritional yeast, flour, and some meat and salmon.

1st floor
CH main floor

The Land

Wise Acres sits on a total of 18.5 acres, five of which have been developed for homes, the garden, the orchard, internal roads, a centrally located basketball court, a sauna, hoy tub and the common house.  The remaining 13.5 acres surround the property as protected forest land with trails running through it. 

It is a wonderland for children to play and a beautiful place of refuge for all who live here.  Wise Acres is situated on top of a hill overlooking the tiny town of Indianola.  We are a short walk from the Indianola Beach along the Puget Sound.


Indianola is a small, waterfront town in Kitsap County, Washington, located on the north shore of Port Madison on the Port Madison Indian Reservation, home of the Suquamish Indian Tribe. The population was 3,500 at the 2010 census. It was originally established as a summer community and was a stop for Mosquito Fleet ferries until the 1950s. 

Our small, town center has a post office where most residents pick up their daily mail, a country store often referred to as “Rob’s store” after its proprietor Rob Trueb (and his wife Tia), and a clubhouse built in the early 1930s. 

Residents of Indianola are invited to join the Indianola Beach Improvement Club (IBIC) to support maintaining our one-mile of community owned Beach and several other small properties that are used by the community, including the clubhouse.  Every summer there is a townwide celebration of “Indianola days” which includes an always memorable talent night, a renowned sandcastle building contest, and a delicious salmon dinner.

Dock Jumping
Dock Jumping
Dock jumping
Dock Jumping
In Indianola, dock jumping is a rite of passage.