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20770 NE Kaya Lane
Indianola, Wa. 98342


About Wiseacres


Once Upon a Hill(in praise of where we live)

It began 10 years ago, first is an idea, Next the gathering of souls, and then a hill facing southwest. 

Now I can't tell where one part begins and another leave's off. 

I sing praises for this creation. 


Since I've known you, you've made her many that stood my hair on end, meals and connections that the body be on the body; arguments, then reconciliations that inspired and cajoled.

Friendship and humor that took deeper hold simply because they've been earned. You've known and he laces and police cars, the trip of bicycle tires circumnavigating your pal, double upon list of all part and your soils and coaxing sustenance.

Swing dancers and Sufi dancers or the oft syncopated footballs of toddlers, lovers, those with divorce on their minds, those with sweet mundane chatterings.

You've seen geese migrations and human too;, It's, or Aurora, and babies born at home. You weathered tears, flashes of rage,whopping thunder, a snakes tongue flick away from lightning, wind that snaps old trees, and talk upon talk of how we make and ends meet.

So late, you've income pissed at me and call the agitation of my adult fear. The months and years I'll on, as does the history of this place, only recently settled by wise cracker folk.

You have so many other stories to tell, some I've glimpsed--

A 5 ton boulder mostly hidden by moss in  remote ravine, left here by retreating glaciers 10,000 years ago, he alligator lizard and skink or call of a loon on the wind.

That acorn from some unfounded hope treeLaying on the forest floor

Nightly a softball moon, lobs in to the glove of the Olympic mountains.

By day, chlorophyll in all its shades and  textures proliferates. You should hear plants and crawling things get wilder and of all results this fact could perhaps make us most proud.

Since I've known you you've parceled out surprises. My heart has added girth with 10 variegated growth rings, the recent ones being particularly wide. I sing praise for all that you've given, I do sing praises. 


Robert Dash 1999



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Wiseacres Community

Wise Acres Vision Statement (excerpt)

Wise Acres Cooperative Association is a land-based intentional community. We are individuals and families inspired by the riches gained by committing ourselves to actively participate in community. While we recognize and respect the ebb and flow of individual needs and energies, to ensure the success of community we are committed to the following:

  • Practice conservation and land stewardship

  • Share resources and time

  • Honor individual differences

  • Build trust through love and forgiveness

  • Listen to each other with openness and humility

  • Work through hardships we encounter as individuals and as a community

  • Raise our children in a collaborative environment

  • Seek ways to bring innovation and creativity to our structure

  • Participate actively in the larger community of our town, nation and world


Community provides the beauty found in the tapestry of life woven through seasons, generations, births, deaths, celebrations, struggles, caring for one another, traumas, sharing meals, meetings, playing, arguing, forgiveness, working together, taking steps, building structures, gardening, raising children, family conflicts, young ones becoming teens and adults, marriage, divorce, elderhood and so much more. Over the decades, like the symbiotic relationships of an aging forest, we are thriving and experience the beauty and necessity of Community. 

Who we are can be described in part by what we do:

  • We practice non-violence with our children, and each other.

  • We maintain a community organic garden and orchard.

  • Community dinners happen twice a week, with one household cooking for others on a rotating schedule. Meals tend to be vegetarian.

  • We have a community hot tub.

  • We celebrate holidays and rituals from a variety of traditions.

  • Wednesdays after dinner are for visioning, community support, men's and women's groups, on a rotating basis.

  • Our decision-making model is designed to develop our faculties for accessing our collective wisdom.

  • Members are responsible for WACA bookkeeping, taxes, utilities, water quality, road and trail maintenance, etc.

  • Officers are elected at our annual meeting on or near April 1st.

  • Each family is responsible for monthly community maintenance and enhancement projects.



"Humans are social! It is normal and natural!  To want to be connected to others.  In our modern society with nuclear families, connection to a broader group is not ensured.  Living in an intentional community is a way to ensure a connection to a larger social group.  It is rich and goes deep. "        

Evan Lenz

 "What I love about this place is a garden to sink my toes into , along with fingers and soul, a feeling connected to a bundle of really cool cats and the practice of remembering how we are all in this together."                        

Mindee Greenhagen





"I've seen the people in this community fill in the blanks when needed.  When someone is carrying a heavy load, neighbors swoop in from all sides to help.  Its refreshing to see and experience that there is no alone during the hard times, yet you can just as easily step away for solitude and then always able to come back to friendly faces."   

Kira Rain






"What I love about community is the support and trust we share with each other"      Alice Jewell